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Chiropractic Saudi Arabia

With every Chiropractor Saudi Arabia becomes healthier. People are better, safer.  The nation benefits.  This Chiropractic Franchise will bring the kingdom the wealth of health.  Share in the wealth as a Chiropractic Patient or join our Chiropractic Franchise / Physiotherapy Franchise.  We are proven, we are growing and ONLY our Chiropractic Franchise has NSD Therapy®!

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They helped me Re-claim my Life Back. 

- H. R. Schmidt, Germany

We are diligently working to launch centers in the Kingdom.  If you are interested in joining our franchise or to find a center near you, please contact us today. 

Chiropractic Specialty Centers

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Our collaborated non-surgical spine and joint care is rendered through specialized therapeutic devices NOT available anywhere else in the GCC.  

Clinic News

We are offering franchise opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the neighboring Gulf states.

If you have a "Slipped Disc," you don't have to have surgery.  We offer the most effective non-invasive spine care in the Kingdom. 

Our staff of chiropractic physicians and certified physiotherapists are the corner stone of our clinical excellence.  We believe in personalized care based on sound clinical judgement based on your diagnosis. Read More

Meet the Staff

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Physiotherapy & Physical Therapy
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
  • Spine & Sports Rehabilitation
  • NSD Therapy
  • Non-invasive Scoliosis care
  • Pre or Post-operative care
  • Wellness Care

Our Services

Collaborated expert care by our American chiropractors and skilled physiotherapists equipped with State-of-the-Art therapy equipment.


Fixing "Slipped Disc "

NSD Therapy is the latest non-surgical, non-invasive therapeutic approach.  We are the first to offer this in the Kingdom. 

We offer advanced therapeutic procedures not available elsewhere in the Kingdom.  We treat pain through technology.